Hi, I'm Mardi Lo Faso, the President of Community Based Marketing.

I've been helping real estate professionals generate 100% - 500% more business every year by leveraging their network of referrals.

As a licensed Realtor/Broker since 1989 I know how important referral business is to the bottom line of any business. What I discovered is that if you maintain a real relationship with past clients, one where your personality comes through and reminds them of how valuable you were to them, they will keep recommending you every time there is an opportunity. 

After many successful years using these principles for myself, I began looking after the Community Based Marketing Program for dozens of other real estate professionals who felt too busy to send out correspondence to their network, but still wanted to maintain a personal touch in everything that their clients received.

To get started or to find out more details about what makes this program such a powerful lead generator give me a call and I'll be happy to tell you why the Community Based Marketing program has so much to offer your business.

It's easy to know if this program is right for you:

  • It's your full-time business.
  • You're invested in your relationships with their clients.
  • You've worked hard to get your clients and want to keep them.
  • You're focused on the lifetime value from your client.
  • You're someone who cares, is ethical, and has already experienced success through referrals.
  • You go above and beyond in the service you provide your clients.
  • You appreciate the basics of human beings interacting with human beings
  • You want to be proud of what you put in front of your clients because it's a reflection of you.


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