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Dear Real Estate Professional:

Are you ready to FINALLY start seeing some REAL money in your business?

Here is the fastest way I know toward building a business that will provide you great wealth…

Create a database of your past clients, present customers, and your Sphere of Influence and contact them regularly. 

Assuming those who have done business with you are pleased with their original transaction, people who have bought something from you are your best prospects for future business. Many of them will become raving fans who will recommend you to others insuring your continuous growth and prosperity. 

Repeat business and referrals are the only way you can have a viable business that will survive and prosper for the long term, even forever.  

Reward your loyal clients 

If you are fortunate enough to have established a long-term client relationship, it is easy to grow complacent and to focus your energy on securing new clients. That is a big mistake. 

Clients should be honored for their loyalty and receive the preferential treatment they deserve. Be free with expressions of gratitude and ways to say "Thank you for your valued business."  

Is there a simple way to stay in touch with my clients and spheres of influence that doesn't take a lot of time and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

I'm happy to say that the answer is "Yes."

I've created a unique system to stay in contact with past clients, present customers and your sphere of influence in an easy, fun, and affordable way that will lead to stronger business relationships.

In today's fast-paced world we've become so automated that we've decided a text message is sufficient to say thank you. We communicate through cyberspace. We've become desensitized. It's time to put the human touch back into your life.
I don't have to tell you how important referrals are to your business. If you're a business owner or an independent professional, you know that referrals are the lifeblood of your business. 

If that's the case, why aren't you getting more referrals?

Do you...

  • Hate imposing on your good customers who have become your personal friends? 
  • Feel like a multi-level marketer begging friends and family members for the names and contact information of their close friends? 
  • Get tired of trying to memorize silly referral scripts to manipulate your friends? 
  • Dislike the embarrassment and shame you feel when being rejected? 
  • Get sweaty palms and a sick feeling just getting up the nerve to ask? 


  • Are you tired of getting promises for referrals that never materialize? 
  • Are you frustrated by giving lots of referrals but getting none in return
  • Have a difficult time getting your customers or clients motivated to talk about you? 
  • Are you irritated because you have no control over the referral process? 

If this describes you in the least bit, then the Community Based Marketing Program was developed specifically for you.

In fact, the Community Based Marketing Program will allow you to...

  • Never have to ask another person face-to-face for a referral ever again. 
  • Get all the referrals you can handle with the pride and dignity that you deserve. 
  • Put a robotic referral system in place that keeps working day in and day out. 
  • Get highly qualified referrals that are eager to do business with you. 
  • Incentivize customers so that they're highly motivated to talk about your business.
  • Get customers and clients to tap deep into their network to give you referrals. 
  • Give you complete control over the amount of referrals you get. 

Isn't that what a high-performing referral program is supposed to do? Click here to see a list of real estate professionals who have already benefited from the 
Community Based Marketing Program.

The best referral programs that have the power to transform your business all have these five characteristics: 

1. They are systematic. This means that the referral program can be replicated over and over again with the same or better results. The best referral systems keep on generating referrals automatically. 

2. They work on a one-to-many basis. High performance referral systems get multiple people to refer your business simultaneously (Note: This is one of the problems with asking for referrals -- it's a one-to-one type of referral program, not a one-to-many). 

3. They have the ability to tap into people's networks. Transformational referral systems tap deep into people's network of friends, family, and associates. They don't just stop at the occasional, one-off referral. 

4. They use incentives to motivate people to refer. Let's face it -- most people are either lazy or too busy to care about your business so the best referral systems use an incentive system to keep the referrals flowing. 

5. They refer people to high quality products and services. - No referral system will run for a very long time without having a high quality product or service to back it up (This is your responsibility). 

The Community Based Marketing Program is a system which produces results that are, (1) predictable, (2) consistent, and (3) replicable meaning that it works the same way, over and over and produces the same results every time.

"Imagine What It Would Mean to Your Business If You Never Had to Ever Ask for Another Referral Again But Still Received Hundreds of High-Quality Referrals"

The Community Based Marketing Program requires NO asking for referrals. What it does is get OTHER PEOPLE to ask for you. That's called "leverage." Leverage is when you put forth a small effort into something that provides exponential returns. 

That's what the Community Based Marketing Program is about. Leveraging your time and relationships to reach a multitude of people that you never would have been able to reach without spending an immense amount of hard earned money on mass advertising.

AND, we do it all for you!!!! You send us your client list... and we do the rest. It's like having an entire marketing department at your service... Nothing to think about, nothing to create!

Warmest Regards,

Mardi Lo Faso



• Do you really want your business to look      different this year and for years to come?
• Are you ready to FINALLY start seeing    some REAL money in your business?
• Are you ready to step up and invest in your  self and your business and your ability to  reach more people? 

If your answer is, "Yes" then I would like to introduce you to what the top producing professionals are using to maintain ongoing relationships with past clients leading to far more referrals. 

Please watch the video if you haven't already.

Click on the link below the video to learn more about this extremely easy and effective way to generate a continuous stream of referrals through your past clients.

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